Who am I ? 

I build bridges ! 

Hello! My name is Marketa FAMY. Originally from Southern Germany, I have been living in the Paris region for over 20 years. During my career, I have worked for many international an German companies. This experience has shown me that international marketing can be very challenging: although cultures may seem similar, there are many differences that need to be taken into account in marketing, communication, team management and project management. This is why my mission is to identify the specificities of each market in order to design and continuously adapt the marketing strategy at local level. This requires knowledge of the target groups and, if necessary, adaptation of the product portfolio. By building bridges between the countries, I support you in strategic and operational marketing missions.

“Those who do not know the past cannot understand the present and cannot shape the future”.
(Helmut Kohl)

Today: where I am 

Based on these observations and my experience as a Franco-German and international expert, I decided to put my know-how at the service of managers and marketing teams of SMEs and SMIs. With a global approach including strategic and operational support, I offer you all the facets of an effective 360° marketing to enable you to gain market share.

Cultivating exchange and sharing, I am of course a member of various professional networks such as Viaduc Businessexperts, the DCFA (Digital-Club-Franco-German) or Coryllis by Expansio. 

Tomorrow: What I aspire to 

My aim is to develop cross-border cooperation between French, German and international companies. I am particularly keen to support small and medium-sized companies, to help them take their first steps locally and to pave the way for successful export growth.

Let’s build the path to your success together! Marketa Famy 

Our values 


We rely on selected partners, creating positive synergies to ensure best results. 


We are curious and explore new possibilities to find optimal solutions for our customers. 


Active listening

Sensitive to the challenges our clients face, we are solution-oriented and always provide the best of our know-how. 


International relations require not only know-how but also interpersonal skills, which is why diplomacy is an important pillar in our daily lives. 


Open and clear communication characterizes our corporate philosophy. 


We always provide the best of our expertise to satisfy our customers.