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We design innovative marketing strategies that provide lasting value 

Understand and take action  

An immersive approach 

At Innoline Concept, we create marketing approaches based on a global and holistic approach. We take into account the environment in which the company evolves by putting the customer at the centre of our actions. We act as a true strategic partner for ambitious companies seeking to develop their business through a professional, global and flexible approach. Our services give you access to a broad spectrum of 360° marketing activities with a single point of entry – whether in France or internationally 

"We see our customers as guests, at a party where we are the hosts. It's our job to make their experience a little better every day."

Jeff Bezos

We help you succeed by meeting your biggest challenges 

Innoline Concept contributes to your entrepreneurial success and provides the impulse for sustainable growth 


Knowing your customers

Knowing your customers and their needs is the starting point of our marketing approach. 

Through active listening, we immerse ourselves in your market to propose an appropriate action plan. This immersive stage is crucial and essential for fruitful work. 


Market research 


Qualitative and quantitative customer surveys 


Brand positioning  




Customer journey 

Differentiate to sell better

To ensure that every euro invested pays off, we help you to enhance your know-how by focusing on your strengths. Through in-depth interviews, we work on your company’s DNA and define your mission and values. This allows us to build a coherent discourse and to define the messages that make your brand unique. 


Mission, visions and values of the company 


Brand positioning 


Marketing your offers and services 


USP and value proposition 


Brand identity 

Develop through multi-channel communication

As the conductors of your marketing strategy, we implement a coherent and multi-channel BtoB or BtoBtoC communication approach. To gain in efficiency, we recommend a targeted, concrete and coherent approach integrating all online and offline tools. 


Communication strategy and plan 


Creation catalogs 


Steering of digital campaigns 


Content creation 


Advertising management 

Community management

Our expertise at the service of your company 

From strategy to operational implementation 

Do you want to develop your business and add to your in-house expertise? We are at your disposal to build efficient, adapted and innovative solutions! We provide strategic as well as operational support… 

Marketing studies 

Identifying trends and anticipating changes

In an ever-changing environment, your brand is evolving in a competitive and dynamic market? Are you confronted with new players and subject to numerous pressures? A market study will allow you to analyse the context and adapt to the expectations and constraints of the market. Innoline Concept brings you a neutral view to define an adapted marketing strategy. 

Listen to your customers

In order to analyse and understand a market, Innoline Concept carries out custom qualitative market studies. These in-depth and personalised studies provide an external view of the context, needs, expectations and obstacles in your environment. We conduct qualitative face-to-face interviews in French, German or English and write reports in one of the three languages. These qualitative studies can be complemented by quantitative surveys of your target group, e.g. by means of online questionnaires. In this way, we can gather valuable information about the attractiveness of your product, its price elasticity, the consumption habits of your target group and much more. 

Adopt an outside-in strategy

Once this basis is established, we offer you a new perspective and make strategic recommendations. We are at your side to guide you in your decisions while analysing the impact of the different solutions available to you. Together with your teams, we set up different projects to achieve your business objectives. 

Your study project in 4 steps



Innoline Concept defines with you your needs, the objectives of the study as well as the methods applied and the budget 


Working in a network with international consultants, we offer you a competent and international team 


We work transparently and coordinate projects so that you have a clear view of the progress of your project 


At the end of the market study, Innoline Concept presents the results and guides you in the analysis and implementation of future actions 

Differentiate yourself to sell better 

In this highly competitive world, many brands are trying to outdo each other to get the attention of customers! To make a lasting impression on the customer’s mind, it is crucial to forge a differentiating brand identity. 

Brand positioning

The positioning strategy helps you align marketing decisions with your target customers and competitors. In particular, it allows your potential customers to associate the brand with specific attributes, differentiating it in the market.

To establish your positioning in a target market, we support you with a 5-step process: 

  • Identify priority target segments and customers 
  • Analyse and understand your competitors 
  • Formulate the value proposition (USP) 
  • Assess the positioning statement 
  • Create or sharpen your brand identity 

Market your offers and services

In some cases, market research and brand positioning analysis lead to adapting the product portfolio and of course the communication. This is particularly true and crucial in an international context, where customer needs and market structure (regulations, standards, actors) may vary from your domestic market. Innoline Concept supports you in this approach in order to map, organise and prioritise your products and actions. We use proven tools such as the BCG matrix, Pestel analysis, SWOT, and more. 

Mission, vision and value of the company

Often used in the development phase of a company, the “mission – vision – values” trilogy constitutes the basic elements for the success of an organisation. It contributes greatly to the brand image and crystallises its quintessence. 

Through workshops that we run with your teams, we help you build the common thread of your strategy. 

Your entrepreneurial project, the mission defines in one sentence what you bring to your clients. Far from being easy to formulate, the company mission is ambitious but achievable.

More than a medium- and long-term plan, your vision transcribes the ‘ideal world’ and reflects your company’s 5 to 10 year horizon. It will be your compass and guide your future actions. 

To define the values of your company, you can refer to the mission and vision. Add personal and individual values that are important to you, taking care to maintain consistency. These values are the basis of your business approach but also of your relationships with your employees. 

Multi-channel communication 

Business development  

As a reference in multi-channel communication, we offer you 1001 ways of conveying your brand values. Connected to the market and the media world, we invest in powerful, inspiring and engaging communication!

Communication strategy and plan

Clear annual planning 
Optimal visibility with your targets 
Controlled budget 


Content creation & SEO

Content strategy 
Web content writing 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Choice of communication media 
Ad space purchase  
Design of ads  

Community management

Choice of social networks 
Media planning 
Creating posts and content 

Newsletter & E-mail marketing

Planning of topics 
Newsletter design 
Distribution to subscribers 

Website creation

UX design
Definition of the customer journey 
Website development 


Organisation of trade fairs, roadshows 
Corporate events 
Animation of distribution networks 


Brand positioning 
Creation of your brand identity 

Communication materials

Product pitches 
Commercial brochures 
Brochures, flyers, POS material 
Press kit 

Do you have a project ?   

For the success of your projects, our approach combines creativity and organisation

The different steps to carry out a global analysis and build your strategic approach. 

1. Requirements analysis

We identify your objectives and help you formalise your ideas in order to build your strategy and gain market share 

2. Diagnosis

We provide a diagnosis including the state of play and a proposal of the different levers to develop. 


3. Marketing plan

This plan is based on the previously established strategy. It incorporates a detailed retroplanning. Here we go…

4. Follow-up

The progress of the project is regularly discussed. Progress is reviewed on the basis of performance indicators. 

5. Report

A final evaluation of the actions implemented is provided at the end of the project.