Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing and how can you optimise it to ensure the growth of your business and a unique customer experience?

I – Inbound marketing: an essential strategy

Inbound marketing is a strategy that consists to developing unique and lasting relationships with consumers. The goal is to put the customer at the heart of your business.

It can be seen as a growth engine that attracts prospects and builds customer loyalty. In fact, your approach should be aligned with business objectives in order to increase your turnover and sustain your business.

II – Implementing the different inbound strategies and inbound marketing tactics

The audience you want to target and the prior study of your buyer personas must be correlated with your inbound strategy, of course.

Firstly, you need to attract new leads. The “attraction phase” which can be carried out by publishing and creating content (blog, newsletters, social media articles, whitepapers…) giving useful information about your products. Testimonials for example represent a great tool and user generated content will have even more impact on your SEO! You can also implement an SEO strategy to your content by integrating keywords related to your offer. This will optimise your ranking on search engines like Google etc.

Secondly, sustained exposure to your leads allows you to create interaction and turn them into prospects. To conduct an effective strategy, it is essential to differentiate yourself by focusing on your value proposition. To refine your communication, don’t hesitate to personalise your content: e-mail, call to action, social networks… Also think about analysing the progress of your leads in the conversion tunnel. You should take into account that it is important to offer valuable content and customer-oriented solutions in order to arouse the interest of Internet users, make them interact and then convert them to buyers.

Finally, loyalty is the concretisation of all your efforts: it is the ultimate stage that allows you to turn your regular and loyal customers into ambassadors of your brand. To reach this stage, you must optimise the online and offline customer experience, which is a major challenge, by the way. In an environment where the consumer is torn between many offers and brands, you need to ensure that the customer journey is flawless from start to finish. This means understanding your customers’ goals and desires, resolving any issues they may have and exceeding their expectations.

Before setting up a coherent inbound strategy, it is important to analyse your commercial objectives and the different conversion stages of the sales funnel. It is important that these steps are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound).


Some examples of SMART goals :

Goal: attract visitors to your website

  • IDP*: 50% increase in traffic in 12 months.

Goal: to multiply customer touchpoints on different communication channels

  • IDP*: cross-channel communication analysis
If you are looking for inbound marketing solutions in order to set up inbound marketing campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are willing to share our experience on inbound marketing best practices.

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