Content marketing

Classic marketing is dead – long live content marketing!

Also known as content marketing, editorial strategy or content strategy, content marketing is a strategy that consists of producing and distributing editorial content on the Internet. This approach intervenes at all stages of an individual’s purchasing journey. Its purpose is to attract visitors. Therefore, with quality content, you will attract qualified visitors, transform them into prospects, convert them into customers and finally build their loyalty so that they may become ambassadors of your brand.

Make the customer come to you rather than go looking for them

By putting the customer at the centre of your thinking, you will be able to add value by offering different solutions to their problems. This goes far beyond the simple sale of products or services because it is above all free content.

Establish a relationship of trust between the customer and your brand

By publishing regularly, you will gain visibility and be able to showcase your expertise and know-how. Through resources such as tutorials and white papers, etc., this method allows you to generate real interest from Internet users. Regular publications are a real strike force for creating leads!

How to move the customer through the buying tunnel

As we are not all equal when it comes to product arguments and sales criteria, it is necessary to offer your customers different content. So, short videos (particularly appreciated by all), newsletters, or posts on different channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.) … you feed their desire for your product or service until they are ready to buy.

The way to increase customer loyalty

Everyone knows: acquiring new customers is difficult and can be expensive. So how about offering them personalised content via a newsletter, on the website or even better – social networks? Consider your customers, give them your attention and make them your ambassadors!

Did you know that content marketing contributes greatly to your Google ranking?

Well constructed, your publications will contain essential keywords for natural referencing. In this way, you will improve your positioning on the Google results page. But be careful: you are writing for the Internet user and not for the search engine! Know that the user’s experience is paramount! There is nothing more unpleasant than the excessive accumulation of keywords.

Multiply your chances of getting inbound links

One of the keys to successful SEO is a variety of traffic sources. But it’s also important that other sites want to link to your site. By writing high value content, some companies may share it on their social networks or link to your blog post.

Create your community

Once created, you can relay your content on your social networks: an excellent way to develop exchanges around the topics addressed in your articles and to build lasting relationships with your audience.

Let’s get started …


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